Why I will always love (and buy) Ikea

Why I will always love (and buy) Ikea

I know I know, Ikea seems to be the antithesis of what we stand for - or is it? I decided to tackle the the thoughtful shopping approach by sharing how to get the best value for money, depending on what you need. That's the key idea here, need versus want.  Here are just a few reasons why I will always love and buy Ikea:


Ikea's is unbeatable value. They offer stylish and modern decor at prices that are accessible to a broad range of people. This makes it easy to create a beautiful and functional space without breaking the bank.  Unless you're on an unlimited budget, looking stylish can get expensive fast.  I like to invest in quality pieces for furniture, and shop for things like tableware, cutlery and vases at places like Ikea (and while you're at it, check out Zara's homewares too - they have an awesome range, only downside is they are online only in the US, with stores in Europe).

Higher than average design value for the price

Ikea has not been an industry trendsetter, but they know what works, don't over reach and do a good basic really, really well.  I love their attention to detail too.  More recently, they have focused on innovative designs and pushing the boat out that little bit further. I like that I can mix and match their products in with higher end luxury items and nobody would know the difference.  And partnering with well known designers to offer a lift to the face of the brand didn't do them any harm either (I loved their colab with Virgil Abloh).


I appreciate how committed to sustainability they are.  As a big box store, there is only so far a Made in China company can go, and they've been super thoughtful about it. From using sustainable materials to reducing waste and energy consumption and offsetting their carbon emissions, they were one of the first companies to be proactive on the sustainability front. 

The In Home Shopping Experience

Ikea's stores are designed to be convenient and easy to navigate. They offer a wide range of products under one roof, making it easy to find everything you need for your home in one place. Their layout is like walking into someone's home, so you're free to wander and discover items you didn't even know you needed. (Ditto for Target, so always head out with a list to avoid buying needless things).

There are many reasons why I will always align with Ikea's values and aesthetic. They are often on the receiving end of jokes (furniture assembly hell anyone?) and I wouldn't consider their furniture forever pieces, but as a company they get my vote (and at least a bit of my money) for their all round solid design, enduring quality and forward thinking attitude.

* Image: Ikea